Garry Walls D J & Photographer

Selecting a wedding photographer is a decision that shouldn’t be rushed. At Garry Walls Photography we believe it is essential to meet with the photographer to discuss the look you are after and to make sure the wedding photographer is someone you can work with.  Karyn & Garry will chat with you, they will listen to your requests, and most importantly, they will produce the beautiful images that you desire. They are experienced professionals that are there to help you every step of the way.

Garry WallsWe believe when choosing the wedding photographer who is perfect for you three main things should be considered:

Hire for style:

Choose a wedding photographer whose work you LOVE! It’s easy to get caught up in comparing price and what each photographer offers in terms of prints, enlargements, albums etc, but if you want photos you will continue to treasure for the rest of your lives then selecting a wedding photographer whose work you love should be your main focus.

The right personality:

You will spend your entire day with the wedding photographer, so you need to select someone you like. The best way to decide that is to meet with the photographer and make sure you click. You can visit Garry Walls Photography for a no-obligation meeting to make sure Garry and Karyn have the personalities you can work with.

The price:

While important it should be third on your list. We know budget is a big consideration but cheap wedding photographs could ruin the memory of your special day. We have wedding package options ranging from $1850 to $2850 but packages can be customised for your specific needs so do talk to us so we can design a package to suit.

Wedding Ceremony and Dance Music:

Garry has won numerous awards for DJing and many of our clients take advantage of this additional service. We can supply the music for the wedding ceremony, background music for the reception and a full-DJ service for the dance. This combo deal not only means you have fantastic music but also means your photographer will remain at your wedding throughout the reception and after-wedding dance, capturing some unforgettable moments.